Audio messages are by Miles J. Stanford. He recorded two series of messages (I believe in the 1960’s).  The 12 part series, “God’s Purpose for the Believer” is the first.  The second series “The Reckoning that Counts”  (8 messages) goes along with a book he wrote by the same title.  This book is part of  “The Complete Green Letters” available from Amazon.  The other messages are “How to Become a Christian”, “How to Begin the Christian Life” and a 2 part message titled “Discouragement and Depression”.

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  1. We have one cassette from the Reckoning series from Ed & Bettie’s and it’s dated 1980. Also, we would like to invite you to visit http://dispensationalwoman.wordpress.com Hopefully, you would be willing to include us in your Links page. We do have the complete Tri-S series on CD if that would be any interest to you. Miles told me to feel free to distribute his material to the saints and we intend to do just that whenever possible. There are other works of interest on the TRI-S series including Keith Sartorius’s ‘Gleaner.’ Thank you and perhaps you might find some articles of interest on our site.

  2. Hello, I’ve had the green letters in my bible bag for years, but it wasn’t till last month that I found these audio recordings. Please, Please are there anymore audio recordings of brother miles anywhere to be found?

  3. Hello Guy, thanks for the message. I’m not aware of any more audio messages by Miles….pretty sure this is all of them. There are some good audio messages over at the Holly Hills Bible Church website (under links).and there’s the Tri-S series mentioned above by aliveandpowerful2014. MJS books has a lot of good material by Miles too but I found that my link to that website isn’t working…..not sure why yet. (Update: deleted MJS link 5/16/16…not working) I would get the Tri-S series from aliveandpowerful2014 (I should get a complete copy too…). Thanks again for the comment. –Larry P.

  4. I am wondering if it’s possible to get a disc of Miles audio teachings, or a way to download them to a disc? I am about to go to sea and will not have internet access, and I’d like to be able to share them with others as well as have them for my personal use. Thank You, Guy Barnett.

  5. Can somebody please send me the entire TRI-S series of Miles Stanford. I have the book – The complete Green Letters, but would like those portions that are not mentioned in the book. Would appreciate if someone can send this to me either in CD or written form, whichever is most convenient. I will gladly pay all the charges, postage included as I am from India and we desperately need this valuable resource.

  6. Ian, I forwarded your request for the Tri-S series to aliveandpowerful2014 (see february 18, 2015 comment above). I took a brief look at your webite…..I’ll be going back there to do some reading.
    Thanks for the request. — Larry sedrowoolley1@gmail.com

  7. A long time ago, I compiled several indexes to Miles’ writings. These are combined with his own index and includes his subject and synopsis indexes as well as his published Position Papers & Polimics. (sporter718@aol.com)

  8. I would appreciate any and all works of MJS that you may have, especially any audio recordings. Guy. (following310@yahoo.com)

  9. I can send all of the MJS audio recordings on either a micro SD card, CD’s or DVD. The micro SD card works in my android tablet. There’s also an adapter for the micro sd i can send for adapting it to a regular SD card size. Anyone who wants a copy, let me know which they want, SD, CD’s or a DVD. My email address is sedrowoolley1@gmail.com


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